Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fashion Challenge

My good friend/sorority sister Michelle is pretty much my first free lancing styling client. Anything Michelle has coming up I personal shop for her whether it be in person or online. When I can't be with her I make polyvores for her of what I envision the look to be and try to help her capture that vision as best as I can possible without physically being there. Michelle recently returned to her home Miami to attend University of Miami-huge change from our small town school Auburn. So she needed some help back to school shopping. Michelle and I have a similar style as one day we want to be preppy or one day hippie bohemian. I made three different polyvores or tops/bottoms/ shoes & accessories for her new school wardrobe. She wanted to be comfortable and stylish and stay cool in the Miami weather.

1. Flowy tunics with prints. Keep her cool, stylish, and comfortable. She can wear a bandeau top underneath and head to the beach!
2. Hanes white cotton v-necks are a must to wear with huge necklaces, shorts, or vests/cardigans.
3. Light fun graphic tees
4. Fun and comfy vests girly, edgy, and somewhat dressy.
5. Light cotton dresses and a maxi dress is a must!
6. Preppy button downs to pair with ripped denim or cuffed linen shorts.
7. Light blazers to dress up any outfit
8. Boyfriend cardigans and one with a print (it is Miami!)

1. Ripped denim is must in blue and white. Wear all of the above with them.
2. Linen pants in colors such as coral or a fun print like leopard. She can pair these with a plain or neutral tee.
3. High waisted grandpa short for her preppy moods.
4. Leggings black and funky prints.
5. Jersey skirts with florals
6.Light opaque tights pair with shorts/skirts.
7. Boyfriend jeans/denim trousers to dress up/white ripped jeans/dark denim/cropped black pants.

1. One funky print plastic tote to carry her books/coffee/ ect in.
2. A neutral leather tote to switch out with #1.
3. Sunnies Sunnies Sunnies!
4. A neutral watch so she's on time for class!
5. Men's inspired oxford shoe
7. Havianas
8. Ballet flats in a neutral/metallic
9. Funky rain boots for those rainy Miami days
10. Funky bangles in lots of colors
11. A pearl cocktail ring for her dainty yet still funky side she can wear daily
12. Rosary per her request
13. She can also pick up some fun printed light weight scarves!
14. A straw fedora

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