Thursday, November 27, 2008

funny for feathers

While helping my sister find the perfect meet-the-boyfriend's parents outfit I was bopping around the accessories room in the biggest Forever21 I've ever been in and I had to have these feather and gold tear drop earrings--so bad I bought a pair in brown and black. I put them on the next day and felt very hippie chic with a dab of Pocahontas. Since then I have developed a little fetish for feathers. Now I know it has been a trend since the fall. But I think you have to be careful when you choose to wear your feathers. I think they are perfect for accessories. They also could be great in the spring and summer time paired with a great tan!I did a search for some other fab feather accessories and came across this beautiful Alex and Ani Thunderbird Cuff. I think its beautiful and would be great touch for a simple LBD on the night out. Now we can expand our feather options outside of jewelry to purses and of course my fashion idol Rachel Bilson was caught carrying this Romanek feather clutch called "The Celeste". The clutch accompanied Rachel's nicely hugging Herve Leger for the perfect outfit for her appearance at the Whitney Art Auction. Don't have a few thousand dollars to pick up "The Celeste" before Christmas? Try with pages of feathers and


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

knee-highs oh my

So most girls can remember back to grade school when they wore knee highs. I remember wanting to wear them because of my unhealthy obsession with wanting to be Alicia Silverstone circa the Clueless years this being unhealthy because I was only in about 5th grade (hey I was already off to a great start making fashion a part of my everyday). Either way I want to wear them more than ever now.
I noticed Carrie wearing them in Sex and the City the Movie when she is wearing an oversize t-shirt as a dress with crazy argyle knee highs and booties when she is eating with Miranda in the park. I liked it because it was quirky and sexy at the same time. The Gossip Gals S and B are also known for throwing a pair on before meeting up with Chuck and Nate before school.
Instead of wearing tights you can sex it up a little (other than on
Halloween in some scandalous costume) wearing them with shorts on a night out with your girlfriends or even on a lazy Sunday afternoon in some sexy lounge clothes like this gal know your boyfriend would love it.
I was in Juicy the other day and saw that they had some
knee socks. I bought a pair of creme and gray striped ones and wore them with black shorts, creme sweater, Burberry scarf, and black UGGS and got oodles of compliments.
Looking for a cheap pair? Forever 21 has different colors and styles of knee socks so forget about all girls school and the Clueless days and think of your inner Carrie or Vicky Sees model and throw on a pair of knee highs.