Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lawful Lady

So my best friend, college-soul mate, Stevie just started law school last week. I decided to gather together some possible looks for her to impress her professors and fellow school mates. Stevie isn't one to sport a lot of color so I kept to neutrals but stuck in some red and navy just to give her some color. Right now pants are taking on new hems and styles. My favorite pant trend is the shorter hem on skinnies. They aren't exactly cropped but they come right above the ankle. I think they are very chic and a piece that you could dress down or up and go day to night. So I included a pair of black shorter hem skinnies that could serve as a staple in her wardrobe. I love billowy blouses with bow and ruffle embellishments-as long as there isn't too much embellishment going on I don't want her to look like a big poof. I included a shirt that had angular shoulders and ruffles to add some playfulness to the structured shirt. Another one of my favorite looks for class or work is the wide leg denim trouser with a cropped or shorter blazer. I feel like this look creates amazing lines for a slimming and chic silhouette. Michael Kors watches are amazing, I love the big faces-that way she'll be on time for class! Stevie loves Hello Kitty so I gave her some subtle studs and of course a Birkin (my latest obsession) and Starbucks to accessorize!Knock em dead 

Friday, August 21, 2009

girls night out

I am so excited it's Friday-end of my last, first week of school ever, and end of my first week of teaching alone! Needless to say I am in desperate need of some down time with my girlfriends with a side of adult beverages included! Half of the excitement of girls night out is getting ready because let's face it- girls dress up more for their lady friends than their man. With the boys just throw on your favorite LBD and they are in love-with the ladies it's a different story. I put together some fun "girls night out" look ideas that are easy to throw on- to leave more time for gossip and good drinks. Cheers dolls!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tulips in the fall

Another item I have become obsessed with lately is tulip skirts--especially those with pockets! I don't know what it is but if something has pockets and is a skirt or dress I have to have it. Maybe it's because I am teaching now and it gives me a place to put my hands so I am not constantly talking with them. Tulip skirts were a huge hit this spring and summer and are definately going to be around for the fall-pair them with funky tights and boots. Tulip skirts are great because I feel like they define your waist and those with draping or a bubble bottom add an instant "something" to your outfit. The variety of colors, fabrics, and styles give you a wide range to work from and a multitude of outfits to create! Here are some ideas for you ladies who like me are going day to night, from class, to work, to out on the town!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

silhouettes & studs

Sorry it has been a minute since I've gotten to write down all my fashion thoughts. Here are the most recent on my mind: silhouettes and studs. It is a transition stage right now as we are still in the hot hot heat of summer yet fall trends are already on my mind and these two I feel like you can definitely sport now but will be able to incorporate into your fresh fall wardrobe
I don't feel like studs are anything new but lately I have been seeing them all over, making their presence known more than before. Studs, grommets, metallic beading you name it. And you can find them on anything-short and jean pockets, purses, vests,belts, gloves, and shoes! I think you can pair these metallic little gems with neutral, structured, or feminine pieces to give yourself a little bit of an edge.

I have been seeing some designs that create some stunning silhouettes. I like these pencil skirts, minis, and dresses with the ruffle panel on the sides or all around the front. I think that this accentuates the waist and adds a flirty twist to your outfit.  I like it on neutral pieces and think they can be pulled off in a pattern but make sure that the top is neutral or accessories minimal. The off the shoulder is nothing new but being paired with draping and out there prints creates a slimming and sexy silhouette and ads something funky to the outfit. Paired with sky high heels and confidence to boot this trend is definately a must. And come fall pair when there is one shoulder with a long sleeve style and the ruffle skirts with tights and knee high boots you're set ladies.