Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm a Big Girl Now Bag

So before I start my internship I really want a soft leather/black/tote that can transition from work to off the clock that says: "I am professional/chic/timeless/fashion forward". I feel like (along with the rest of the female population) the perfect bag to fulfill this need is the Hermès Birkin. But I am not Victoria Beckham, I can't afford one nor 80 like she does. So I have been looking for alternatives that have the similar style and message of the Birkin. Here are some front runners:

Marc Jacobs Jen Satchel
Mulberry Bayswater
Chloé Victoria Tote
I want a bag I can carry to work or a meeting with documents, ect and then head out after for dinner. I know the ones I have chosen are designer but I do want something that will last me a while (until I can buy that Birkin for myself!) and that will remain a timeless piece in my closet. I really like the Mulberry, but I feel like it looks TOO much like a Birkin. Almost trying too hard? The Chloe is my favorite. I like the Marc but I feel like its kind of plain for me. What do you all think? Any other ideas?



Southern Belle Fashionista said...

Omg! I love the Chloe!!! Even though I am such a huge MJ fan, I agree a bit too plain!!! Is that a different fabric too, nylon maybe? Doesn't look like leather?

God, don't we all dream of Birkin's!!

MollDoll said...

Thanks doll! I think Im going to ask for the Chloe! Always need your in put!

Ebben Wiley said...

of the bags presented, i'd go with the chloe.i still thought it would be an interesting challenge to find something for you based on what you expressed in your's what i found...

1)PRADA Medium Saf + Tess Briefcase (obviously not a Birkin but still makes a powerful statement)

2)PRADA Cervo Lux Ring Handle Hobo (kind of like the chloe, but softer leather which to me translates to more timeless)

3)MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Classic Q - Groovee' Satchel
(i feel this one is a sleeper, but that it has the most versatility of all the bags)

MollDoll said...

Ebben you're great! Just the feedback I needed!