Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The City Finale

What did you all think of The City's second half of season 1? Tonight was the season finale! What did you all think? Im sad we were left a little empty handed? However, I think the show has really come along way since the first half of the season. I really enjoyed the fact that the show chose to take a different path leaving the boy drama behind and focusing on the fashion!
I like that we got to see Whitney's path to designing and more of Kelly Cutrone's sassiness and candid career advice! I wish we could have seen more of Sammy and her job at Bergdorf because I feel like that'd be a new angle to explore and personally Roxy being Whitney's new sidekick just drives me nuts! I feel like she brings out the worst in Whitney--as a clueless push over.
I enjoyed the Elle angle although I am biased because I absolutely love Olivia (no surprise to you all of course). I do feel like at times maybe she wasn't using her best skills of styling and her natural eye but I also feel like maybe she wasn't guided as much as she could have been or explained what her actual job is? Maybe a combination of both and awesome editing?I feel like personally she's just Erin's slave? I am not a fan of Erin but I will say that I think she is a very hard worker and intelligent, yet I think her insane outbursts at work, ranting to the intern, and constant complaining to Joe is a little immature. Either way whoever is winning the weekly battle at Elle I love hearing Joe Zee chirp in the background and get giddy over Victoria Beckham pictures.
All in all this is by far my favorite show on TV and I am so sad to see season 1 end but am looking forward to the second!



Ebben Wiley said...

I think that as much as I love Olivia, I'm still team Erin when it comes to the weekly ELLE battles we've come to love. I mean, if Olivia were not Olivia, she would not be where she is. To me it seems that Joe is only using her for connections--connections which she has failed to utilize.

MollDoll said...

Thanks for your comment! I know I feel like Olivia being there takes away from Joes credibility...do you think she works there really??