Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Fashion Library

Since I never have to go to CLASS again--my Christmas list was stacked with some reading--non grad school themed of course! I am really into reading/collecting style guides, fashion books, coffee table picture books. Which also is my excuse for lack of posting besides being in a post Christmas coma-I've been curled up in bed reading! Here is a review of the books I've recently added to my fashion library:

I started Nina's book on Friday and finished it yesterday morning. I couldn't put it down. This is my third style guide that I've gotten and I love having a library full of different tips from different style doctors such as Rachel Zoe, the ladies of WhoWhatWear.Com, and Nina Garcia. This is one of her three books, and I wanted to start with her first one. It was interesting because it goes into Nina's childhood and her early love of fashion and style. She also includes perspectives from powerhouses such as Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Caroline Herrera, and Diane von Furstenburg. Next on the Nina list-The Style Strategy & One Hundred: A Guide To The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own. The black book is a definite must for ANY fashionista. Get it here.

I think I was most excited about this book being under my tree. It literally is a handbook. It is broken down into careers including: Editor, Photographer, Stylist (yeay), Designer. Then three powerhouses from each career give advice, interviews, and it even includes a "kit" for each career. I am going to keep it on hand during my upcoming internship and any girl trying to break into the fashion industry needs this handbook at an arms length! Plus you get a free Teen Vogue don't have to ask me twice! Get it here.

Don't act surprised to see this little number in my library. We all know she is my favorite. This book is written by American Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley. This book has amazing pictures of a young and current Diane, her wraps, old campaigns, ect. Just a glimpse into the life of Diane and the development of the wrap. A coffee table must. I love it-you should too get it here.

Now time for some fiction. I mentioned this book in an earlier post-it literally took me three days to read I could not put it down. It is my favorite type of fiction writing, each chapter about a different character from their viewpoint building up to when they all collide! The main female characters are all involved in the fashion industry upcoming designer, editors, and a stylist. Plus it takes place in fabulous New York amongst the socialite crowd which whether you want to admit it or not you know is fascinating. You even have your own Olivia Palermo in this novel-you know I'm there! Next on the Bridie Clark list: Because I can.

This is what is currently on my night stand. This is a biography/non fiction about Marjorie Hart's summer at the first sales woman (with her friend Marty) to work at Tiffany. It takes place in 1945 in New York and it is fabulous. It is written like a diary including entries about waiting on the Met stairs for midshipmen, and a budget which included their rent and electricity costs $65 a month and two nickels per day for the subway. Those were the days! This book takes me away to a fabulous time in New York. I even went old school via Carrie Bradshaw and check it out of the library! Or get it here.

Read on dolls!

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Southern Belle Fashionista said...

Oh, you'll have so much fun! I had to help a friend pack for a ski trip right before Christmas---layers is the key!

Love the book ideas! I love Nina's books! They're fabulous; love the quotes she puts in them too!! Going to pick up Birdie's books on Monday, your review has sold me!

So glad Santa was great to you! I ended up getting a Michael Kors watch, new J Crew jacket, & tons of other fabulous things!! Love it!!

You're so right--Kate Spade's collection is so me! I've got to get some of the pieces!

Love you! Have fun!!! xoxo