Wednesday, December 17, 2008

cocktails anyone?

So now that school has taken a pause on running my life and keeping me away from gabbing to you about my weekly fashion obsessions lets talk rings. Not engagement rings but the engagement rings cousin...cocktail rings! I have seen these little numbers popping up more than usual lately...especially if you watch Lipstick Jungle...Nico and Victory always are sporting one making their outfit that much more fabulous. I think that every girl should have a few cocktail rings she can grab to spice up her outfit. The first step in incorporating them into your wardrobe would be to start with basics. If you're wearing solid colors a ring would make your entire ensemble stand out such as Victory in her l.b.d. the oversized white cocktail ring makes this dress and Victory that much more of knockout.

Cocktail rings can range from dramatic to more everyday rings such as a smaller one that has maybe a pearl accent, one you could wear to work and not drag too much attention to yourself. And always make sure it fits! They're big but you don't want them falling off your hand! If you have smaller hands you want to make sure that the stone doesn't go past your knuckle otherwise it'll look like its eating your finger! Just remember what statement you want to make and make sure the statement isn't bigger than your outfit!

Some of my favorite rings are David Yurman and of course we all know Chanel makes beautiful and dramatic statement rings. After researching these statement baubles it seems that Kenneth Jay Lane is a go to! I'm obsessed with this simple gold snake ring and its surprisingly affordable and would be a great addition to a sexy New Years Outfit! I also find myself fawning over Banana Republic's share of cocktail rings that are also pretty affordable. So when fiddling through your jewelry box in the morning before work or before a night out with your friends pick up a bijoux to make you that much more of a jewel yourself!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

funny for feathers

While helping my sister find the perfect meet-the-boyfriend's parents outfit I was bopping around the accessories room in the biggest Forever21 I've ever been in and I had to have these feather and gold tear drop earrings--so bad I bought a pair in brown and black. I put them on the next day and felt very hippie chic with a dab of Pocahontas. Since then I have developed a little fetish for feathers. Now I know it has been a trend since the fall. But I think you have to be careful when you choose to wear your feathers. I think they are perfect for accessories. They also could be great in the spring and summer time paired with a great tan!I did a search for some other fab feather accessories and came across this beautiful Alex and Ani Thunderbird Cuff. I think its beautiful and would be great touch for a simple LBD on the night out. Now we can expand our feather options outside of jewelry to purses and of course my fashion idol Rachel Bilson was caught carrying this Romanek feather clutch called "The Celeste". The clutch accompanied Rachel's nicely hugging Herve Leger for the perfect outfit for her appearance at the Whitney Art Auction. Don't have a few thousand dollars to pick up "The Celeste" before Christmas? Try with pages of feathers and


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

knee-highs oh my

So most girls can remember back to grade school when they wore knee highs. I remember wanting to wear them because of my unhealthy obsession with wanting to be Alicia Silverstone circa the Clueless years this being unhealthy because I was only in about 5th grade (hey I was already off to a great start making fashion a part of my everyday). Either way I want to wear them more than ever now.
I noticed Carrie wearing them in Sex and the City the Movie when she is wearing an oversize t-shirt as a dress with crazy argyle knee highs and booties when she is eating with Miranda in the park. I liked it because it was quirky and sexy at the same time. The Gossip Gals S and B are also known for throwing a pair on before meeting up with Chuck and Nate before school.
Instead of wearing tights you can sex it up a little (other than on
Halloween in some scandalous costume) wearing them with shorts on a night out with your girlfriends or even on a lazy Sunday afternoon in some sexy lounge clothes like this gal know your boyfriend would love it.
I was in Juicy the other day and saw that they had some
knee socks. I bought a pair of creme and gray striped ones and wore them with black shorts, creme sweater, Burberry scarf, and black UGGS and got oodles of compliments.
Looking for a cheap pair? Forever 21 has different colors and styles of knee socks so forget about all girls school and the Clueless days and think of your inner Carrie or Vicky Sees model and throw on a pair of knee highs.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Yes for Jess!

Many people have their opinions about Jessica Simpson...her dating disasters, creepy Dad, or divorce talk. I'll give one thing to the girl--I love her shoes. Since my boyfriend's dog recently destroyed two pairs of my brown pumps, my boyfriend graciously offered to buy me any pair of brown pumps I wanted! What more could a gal ask for? I have a pair of her patent black leather pumps with the tortoise shell heel, back a few collections ago--still have them and they're not only comfortable, they look brand new! So of course I turned to her to help me find the perfect brown pump that could go with anything like my black ones. When I saw the cognac Crocodile Parigi pump on display, I knew I had to have it. I ripped my Ugg boots off my feet and stomped around the shoe department in my sweats like a little Heidi Klum in heaven! They made my legs look longer (which wins me over every time being 5'2) and sexy! I loved the closed toe platform look. I looked like Victoria Beckham except the graduate school student version. Her shoes are gorgeous and expensive looking yet affordable considering how durable they are. I ran home and cleaned my house in them I adored them so much. For those of you who prefer more of a kitten heel, Jessica provides you with Siegel in suede options, Manning Mary Jane pump in patent leather options, and a Nesco a wedge option. In her Fall '08 collection she has included a variety of takes on the boot including tall, short, and booties. She has leather and suede booties in a variety of colors and fun buckles. Her take on tall boots are
tremely chic. My favorite being a patchwork leather pair that remind me a little bit of Chanel. I enjoy mid calf boots and would love to get my hand on these nude Salderos which again is the closed toe platform with rouched leather. She has a variety of boots for all gals. "Yes to Jess!" with her amazing shoes in a variety of styles and colors. They also provide amazing durability and keep money in our pockets with great prices, allowing us to look and feel like a million bucks!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

can i please be Whitney Port?

So I can't stop thinking about Whitney Port since the Hills on Monday---take that back since Sunday when I shrilled with excitement during my boyfriend and I's weekly view of Entourage Sunday night! She made a guest appearance yeay! She's made it! But I feel like she had made it way before prancing around with the boys of Entourage--no offense Vincent Chase...Whitney has her own fashion line Eve&A ! (Love that she didn't slap her name on the label) I love it because of the color palette focuses on grays, blacks, and purples which I wear just about everyday. The collection consists of 20 pieces ranging from 50$ to $220. She parallels her own life as her pieces can go from leaving work at DVF to running to meet her new fab NY friends for a cocktail. The fact that this girl created a wool skirt with pins included to adjust from mini to above the knee is genius work appropriate then sex kitten appropriate. Continuing to amaze me...On The Hills Aftershow was a preview for Whitney's new show The City. It looked so exciting (check out the trailer here the camera crew follows her to her new pr job at DVF (amazing) having fun with her new cute roomate, and juggling men! What is a girl to do! I am so ready for a new show The Hills is just getting so old I wish Heidi and LC would just be friends again and Audrina would forget about JBobby but thats beside the point---Whitney is my favorite cast member and I am so glad the one whose a little more grounded and interesting has her own show and not Lo. So Whitney is pretty much my role model at 23 styling and working pr for DVF frolicking around NY looking fabulous with her own label on her back. Tune in Dec 29 for the debut of The City and you can catch Eve&A online and in the Los Angeles showroom Movement.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

LA fashion week.

After trucking through my first research paper of graduate school I can finally write about what I want to write about--LA Fashion Week. Now after spending a summer in Los Angeles I love it's take on fashion its very eclectic and I love how everyone there takes risks with their fashion choices and literally wear what they're feeling. What I had been reading up on regarding Fashion Week was all the celebrity lines. I think LA+Celeb Designer Trying Really Hard=Lauren Conrad. I don't know what it is call me crazy but I've never been a fan of her jersey maxi dresses and halters ranging from a bland color palette of blues and whites. They seem like something that would be in GAP or some local boutique in the small college town I'm in. However I did enjoy her mini cocktail dresses in the nude floral print breaking up the blues and whites! She should have ran with it! I felt like Whitley Kro's collection hit the nail on the head a little more when I think of Los Angeles style I enjoyed how casual yet stylish it was at the same time and the collection reminded me of the perfect outfit for class (if you could afford runway collections) if you wanted to be comfortable and still trendy which is something I always struggle with (especially going to school in the South!) I enjoyed the white trapeze dress with the funky jungle print paired with the baby blue Birkenstocks.  I liked the long boyish sorbet striped tanks paired with a long scarf it looked so comfy chic. But lets talk about someone who is as good to look at as his jeans...Mr. Justin Timberlake. Now I may be a little biased since I've been planning my wedding day with him since I was in middle school but I love this man's jeans! I will just try them on just to make myself feel better because they make your legs look pin thin and your rear look amazing! The man knows how to dress a woman! I would wear all that came down that run way but I enjoyed his take on wo-MEN'S wear this cute little cropped baby yellow cardigan with the chic white top with the smallest bow tie ribbon detail just enough men's wear touch for me. I liked how it was cohesive yet everything was different it wasn't just blue and white and black maxi dresses marching down the runway. Also the accessories added a little bit of a rocker edge. Nicely done as always J-Tim. However everyone is buzzing about Crispin and Basillo's Spring 2009 collection. Again loved someone that's going to pair amazing colors like navy sherbet golds and whites together. Everything was sheer and flowey everything a spring collection should be! I enjoyed how there were long sheer vests thrown over fabulous dresses that popped just to give them some edge go from day to night. This look was my favorite I loved how the colors worked together the crisp white and blue brought out by the gold flecked skirt...I would throw this on and wear it to work now!

photos courtesy of my style go to.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

project runway shoe-in

So I have been dying to write about last night's Project Runway finale. Well as happy as I am that it was three women in the final deep down I couldn't help but cringe at the fact that snot nosed Kenley was allowed to make it to the tent.  Even though I knew that Leanne was going to win I was still in suspense because you never know what crazy thoughts those judges are going to have. To give Kenley some credit I thought some of her pieces were amazing works of art playing on a fantasy theme, I loved the contrast between her choice in the harsh black rope against the whimsical flower fabric.  However the fact that she was "insulted" that the judges compare her works to that of Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, ect. is she insane? She DOES need to do her research the fact that her reply was, "I don't look at other designers" what on earth is she doing in attempting to be one? It just made me sick at how ignorant she was and her snotty ungrateful attitude did her in and how classless running backstage in front of the other contestants' parents, "This is bullsh--" umm Kenley please get over yourself, take a lesson in some professional etiquette, and read up on your fashion 411 thank you.  As for Korto love the girl for creating such amazing silhouettes with her play on the a-symmetrical dresses and halters.  Any woman would die to wear those and would look amazing agreeing with the judges, she knows what a woman wants.  The first look was my favorite with the play on peacock colors and it was just breathtakingly elegant.  But I'm sorry Leanne's collection literally left me gasping for air.  Every single look I would wear hands down!  I loved how her models looked like little Tiffany's boxes!  If I had to pick a would be the first look with tea dyed volume top and high waisted petal mini. I loved how all of her models wore chunky nude pumps just the whole collection was amazing. I immediately wanted to jump on and buy all of it!  Her looks were all cohesive, modern, and elegant at the same time.  She was consistent through out the competition and has a true appreciate passion for designing (not that Korto doesn't but I can't say the same for Miss Snot and half Kenley...) either way the show was hot and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  Plus I love that cute little Tia won the spread in Elle! I am so happy for Leanne and can't wait to see what she has in store for us!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


During one of my weekly trips to Walgreens...I was browsing the magazine section (since I collect fashion magazines like it's my job) and couldn't help grab the new
Teen Vogue with one of my fashionista idols Rachel Bilson gracing the cover. Finally her fall line for DKNY is out and she's talking about it! Anyone who follows fashion knows that the pint sized actress has been noted in the weeklies for her eye for fashion and throwing great pieces together as if effortlessly. Well DKNY has called upon her and her great sense of style to create an affordable line for us Bilson-followers! The collection is about 15 pieces including takes on mens wear, cute dresses, tops, jackets, and two different styles of denim. Unlike some stars who just simply slap their name on a fashion line they are semi-creatively involved in Rachel talks about how she wanted her dabble into designing to be seperate from her career as an actress, seeing as the label itself is named after her grandmother and a close friend of the family's. So run to your nearest Macys, Lord& Taylor, or Nordstrom and pick up an Edie Rose dress, throw on a scarf, and a pair of fabulous high heel booties in true Bilson style.