Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow Princess

I'm heading to the mountains for a few days til New Years. I never know how to pack for snow! I've only done it a few times. Wish I could look like this fabulous lady in fur! What do you guys bring on cold weather trips? On the itinerary: eating/movies/shopping. I will update you on my shopping adventures and hopefully take pictures with my sister's new camera of some outfits.

via:Fashion Gone Rogue


Ebben Wiley said...

in NC, i used to dress in layers for winter school days. i used boots and ski socks because when the snow melts, the cold dampness of pants on the ankles was pretty much unbearable. my mom also made sure my sister and i had multiple scarves, gloves and toboggans--you loose the most heat through your head, and exterminates (we had multiple sets so we could rotate them and allow time for drying and what not--plus it gave us options for different outfits). layers were in play because of the temperature difference between outside and inside. also different inside venues have different methods for heating the area so you want to give yourself options to remain comfortable. OH, and don't forget a good pair of shades! snow is mad blinding and the shades will reduce glare. OH and this is going to sound so random, but you may want to apply a bit of sun screen to the face if you are going to be out in the snow on sunny days. (i know skiing is not on the itinerary,but how can one resist in that environment? lol)...hope that flashback/advice made sense! haha... and i hope your trip and new year is amazing!

MollDoll said...

aww ebben you're the best! ill keep these in mind! i told robyn i have to come visit her and meet you! have a good new years doll!