Friday, April 17, 2009

lets talk jumpsuits

So I can't decide how I feel about jumpsuits. They have been popping up a lot more lately especially with Spring sprouting some takes on the look for warmer temperatures. I used to think jumpsuit= J.Lo circa Jenny on the Block days but now as the style has evolved I've been eyeing buying one myself! I think paired with the right accessories they can look very chic. A great Spring/Summer look that can go day to night (like the Maxi dress) which are my favorite looks.  I was on Express' website a few weeks ago and saw this cute gray jumpsuit that was long pants and sleeveless. I was really sad to see that it was already gone sold out :( But I have a feeling there will not be a shortage this summer. 
The short style of the jumpsuit or a romper has caught my eye as well and I bought one from Forever21 a little while back, it is green and black with a small belt that ties. When I worked at E! on the Daily 10 in wardrobe, Catt Sadler one of our hosts was always sporting these shorty styles. So I know that the shorts look cute on my 5'2 frame with high heels but what about the long pant style? Can us shorter ladies sport them?

I feel like this trend is a little on the risky side but I feel like if you choose the appropriate style for your body type that it would turn out to be quite a sophisticated look. I will say I do not think that the thick belted waist style of the jumpsuit I am not fan of and think its quite risky for any body type (not flattering) so when shopping for this style ladies:
  • look for styles that suit your body type 
  • look for slimming silhouettes slimmer cut up top and one that slowly bells out towards the bottom (if you're wearing the pant style) 
  • if you're wearing the short style...make sure its not too tight around your assets ;)
  •  choose the appropriate accessories not to flashy
Here's a look I put together on polyvore on how I would like to wear this jumpsuit trend.