Thursday, October 29, 2009

Haute Halloween Costumes

It is almost time for Halloween! I am sad that this will be my last year to get away with multiple costumes! I put together polyvores of my costumes and two costumes I think will be all over this place this year.
Happy Haunting :)

Blair Waldorf
I guess none of you are suprised that one night I am being Blair Waldorf. My boyfriend
and friends have been giving me attitude about this costume selection for the simple fact that they think I put my "Blair" on everyday in my ensembles and I won't look dressed up. At least I didn't have to buy anything! All you need is a girly skirt & shirt, a bow head band,funky tights, and girlish flats or ankle boots and your set. Still trying to convince my boyfriend to be my Chuck Bass. XOXO
Garth from Wayne's World:
This is what I am being on Saturday. I thought it would be pretty funny. My boyfriend is being Wayne so I am Garth. I am just throwing on ripped skinnies, a vintage tee, a warm fitted flannel, clear Raybans, and little boys converse. This outfit didn't cost much at all either. The rocker make up is a must. Totally Dude!
I know there will be a lot of MJ costumes this year honoring the late and the great. I thought itd be pretty simple to get this costume together. Throw on a military inspired jacket, a white V-Neck,get some sequin or shiny leggings, and some cute studded flats or oxfords. Now whose Bad?
Lady GaGa:
I think this would be such a fun costume! Anything goes here! Leather, sequins, angular shoulders, short hems, corsets, jackets, boots, a blonde hair piece, crazy make up and your best Poker Face.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are...

Its getting a bit chilly these days which means time to add fun scarves to our outfits ladies! I am loving these big animal print scarfs to cozy up with. Unfortunately I haven't found one to my liking that doesn't have a huge price tag on the end. My favorite ones are the Louis-Vuitton stoles and the scarves by Yarnz. Maybe under my Christmas tree? It won't be that chilly until then anyway. These scarves are great to throw on with anything. Even if you find yourself running to the grocery in leggings and a baggy tee, throw one of these wild things on and your an instant chic cutie at Publix.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ensemble Breakdown

Here is the break down of some of my outfits from the past week :)

Finally Friday: Just a regular Friday. I have been dying to wear this cropped tuxedo jacket, Im sad my camera doesn't do it justice there is a flower broach made out of tulle material on the right side. I also had to take a picture of these shoes I wore--I love them I've had them for years they're from Austria.

Cropped Tuxedo Jacket: Forever21
White Tee: Hanes

Metallic Platforms: Mango

Kings of Leon: This picture didn't turn out that great either but you get the idea! I loved everyone's outfits at the concert. The lead singer and I both had on skinnies and ankle boots:)

Military Vest: Forever21
T-Shirt: Hanes
Destroyed Skinnies: Vigos Studio @Nordstrom
Suede Ankle Booties: Forever21

Sunday Workday: Today I had a lot of meetings and things going on at the library so I wanted to be comfortable yet presentable at my meeting. Dash makes another cameo.

Taupe Bell Sleeved Top: Topshop
Dark Skinnies: Zara
Vest: Zara
Boots: Bakers
Jewelry: Michael Kors Tortoise Shell Watch, Forever21 Gold bangles, & David Yurman Citrine ring

Blair Waldorf does PR Class: This sweater is one of my favorites, it reminds me of Blair. It was just starting to get chilly so I couldn't wait to wear denim shorts with tights which is one of my favorite styles during chilly weather.

White Button Down: Express Studio
Green and Black Tuxedo Sweater: TwelvebyTwelve
Denim Shorts: Express
Tights: Hue
Brown snakeskin calf flats: MICHAEL by Michael Kors
Jewelry: Michael Kors Tortoise shell watch, David Yurman Citrine ring

70s Class: I love wearing these denim trousers because they make me look alot taller than I actually am. I forgot to include my bag in the picture but I had to take a separate picture. This bag means alot to me, my mom got this in a London vintage shop. It is something I will carry for life. I thought this looked very 70's chic.

Pink Button Down: Topshop
Brown Wide Belt:Forever21

Denim Wide Leg Trousers: Banana Republic
Vest: Zara
Bag: Louis Vuitton Vintage
Jewelry: Michael Kors Tortoise shell watch, David Yurman Citrine Ring, and Chanel Camellia Flower Studs (I need to get my earrings in these pics)

Presentation Princess: Today I had 2 presentations so I had to put my best on. I love this dress!

Wrap Dress: DVF
Tights: Hue
Suede Butterfly Cutout Pumps: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Gucci
Jewelry: Michael Kors Tortoise shell watch, Onyx stone studs by Forever21

Friday, October 16, 2009

Styling a Sister

I was really flattered/excited when a younger sorority sister of mine asked me to style her for their upcoming formal! She already had her dress picked out so we went from there. It was a
long black gown with a ruffled bust and sleeveless. Once I saw the dress we went from there.

Hair: I decided for her hair since the dress has this open back she should do a messy bun on the side. I knew she'd be dancing and having fun, the last thing she'd want to do is fuss with a long flow of curls on her back. I really liked this style of Kim Kardashian's and they have similar hair textures so I knew it'd be perfect for her.

Jewelry: When it came to jewelry I couldn't decide if I wanted her to stick to dark like onyx and silver or gold. It came down to the gold because it looked great on her skin tone. We picked this gold vintage looking flower cocktail ring with a black stone in the middle which was the best of both worlds.

We had a choice between long strands of gold and diamond earrings or these chandelier like earrings. I felt like this pair went better with the over all look we had going. These also were younger and more fun looking.

Shoes: Again, we didn't know at first if we'd be going with silver and black or gold tones. Once we decided on the gold Michelle had the perfect shoes, these gold platform BCBG wrap shoes. You can't see her shoes but when she's walking and if you got a peep of them I wanted them to look good. The platform will give her some support while dancing.

Bag: The bag was a no brainer. She had this subdued gold mini clutch. I liked that the gold wasn't in your face and went with
the subdued gold feel we were going for.

Make up: I also got to do Michelle's make up which was really fun! I used a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, black MAC Kohl eyeliner, and Lancome mascara on her eyes. I also took a big brush to the shimmer brick and applied it on the apples of her cheeks.

She looks like a goddess and I had so much fun working with her! Hopefully this will be the start of my freelance styling! Thank you so much Michelle.

Inspired by the Kings' lady...

Last night I went to the Kings of Leon concert and I could not take my eyes off the multitude of fashionistas running around! It was such an eclectic crowd with a range of different styles! I loved it! I think I looked at what the girls were wearing more than the guys rocking out on stage. I got really inspired-so I put together a polyvore of two Kings of Leon lady fan inspired looks. An edgy look and a girlie look. My outfit soon to come!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Recent Ensembles..

Per request some of my readers I decided to start snapping pics of some of my outfits! Bear with the photography!

Work Wednesday:
I teach in the mornings and have to attend my classes in the afternoon and night time so on Wednesday I try to look professional, cute, and comfortable since I am on campus literally all day. This outfit was dominated by Forever21. The high waisted shorts are super comfortable and chic at the same time-I call them my grandpa shorts because on the hanger that's what they look like! I love these green heels because they're so different I got them in London and have had them forever.

Orange Sheer Button Down: Forever21
Ruffle White Tank: Forever21
Grandpa High Waisted Shorts:Forever21
Peep Toe Flower Cut Out Pumps: Shelley's London
Jewelry: Michael Kors Tortoise Shell Watch, David Yurman Citrine Ring

Class & Job Hunt:
I had class in the evening this day and was going to try and look for a second job before. I was going to very trendy boutiques downtown so I wanted something that looked like I knew how to dress but wanted to be comfortable in a 2 hour class. I can't believe where I found this top! Walmart! It is such a soft fabric and the ruffles dress it up just enough. I threw on the vest and boots to give it an edge.

Ruffle Diamond Print Top: Walmart GEORGE brand
Black Cropped Vest: Forever21
Denim Rolled Up Shorts: Forever21
Gray Ankle Boots: Mossimo Target
Jewelry: Michael Kors Tortoise Shell Watch/David Yurman Citrine Ring/David Yurman Pearl Studs (I need to get my earrings in these pics!)

Work Wednesday:
Another day on campus all day!

Burn Out Flower Print Brown Shirt: Forever21
Black Editor Pants: Express Studio
Gold Metallic Tory Burch Reva Flats: Nordstrom
Jewelry: Michael Kors Tortoise Shell Watch/ David Yurman Citrine Ring/ Gold Leaf Statement Necklace by Forever21

Wine Tasting Downtown:
A lot doesn't go on in this town so when something does I love to get dressed up! I live for this DVF top. The minute I saw it hung up in the store this summer I ran over and bought it immediately. It is so soft and the back is low but still very classy. My leggings are another surprise purchase from WALMART! They're shiny and so comfortable I never want to take them off. Excuse my pom Dash-he jumps in every picture and couldn't get out of this one! And the Coors mat--I live with the boyfriend

DVF Tiger Silk Tunic: Nordstrom
Shiny Black Leggings: Walmart
Purple Peep Toe Pumps: H&M
White Oversized Fold Over Clutch: Boutique
Jewelry: Topshop Gold Snake Cuff/David Yurman Citrine Ring/ Black Onyx Oversized Square Stud Earrings by Forever21 (again I need to work on getting the earrings in)

Case of the Mondays:
I was not feeling this day it was rainy and I only had to listen to my class give their speeches today so I went for comfort and professional. These are my favorite skinny jeans!

Aqua Ruffle Sheer Top: Forever21
White Ruffle Tank: Forever21
Floppy Leather Gray Bag w Gold Hardware: Topshop
Brown Wide Belt: Forever21
Vigos Studio Destroyed Skinny Jeans: Nordstrom
Nude Pumps: Mossimo Target
Jewelry: Michael Kors Tortoise Shell Watch/ Pink Flower Cocktail ring by Forever21

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Collecting Trophies...

I am all about pieces that are timeless, chic, and that flatter the body. So seeing these trophy jackets popping up on my favorite fashionistas these days has got my heart fluttering! I can't lie I have sort of started collecting them. I just bought a block tuxedo style one that is cropped with a flower broach and I also purchased this amazing snakeskin sequin print jacket from ASOS.

I love the way they look paired over a tee or tank with wide leg pants or leggings instantly lengthening my short frame! I think that the trophy jackets
add an immediate chicness to any outfit and just look very smart in general. They are popping up in a variety of colors and styles.
I think topshop has the best selection right now I would take any of them! The thing about the trophy jacket is they are slightly shorter and a bit sassier than the blazer.


Love helping the environment but don't feel like any eco-friendly clothes fit your style? Then take a look at cmarchuska! This brand is attempting to be eco-friendly and stylish at the same time. The fashionchild of Christina Marchuska -a line of on the go tees
dresses, scarves, and tops. Both lines are great for a busy eco-friendly gal on the go looking to go from day to night while being comfortable.

I love the silhouette that created with the mseries dress. It comes in black or white and its 100% cotton=comfort on your night out on the town. Paired with tights and over the knee boots and you're set! So go ahead girls purchase away because not only are you looking cute and comfy you're saving the environment!