Thursday, December 3, 2009

ALDO Trigueiro

I had these nice leather slouchy boots from Bakers since last year. When I pulled them out of my winter box to wear them home to Raleigh, I noticed on the airplane it felt like my foot was catching on something. I noticed the rubber sole was ALREADY coming apart. I needed them during my trip so I figured I'd take them to the repair man that does my moms shoes. I went shopping with my mom and noticed that water was crawling up the back of my boot and the sole pratically had a hole in it! I was so mad! These boots were maybe just a year old and I paid like 100 bucks for them. My mom told me I needed to get some new ones asap and offered to pay for them ( we were embarrased of my wet boot shopping not very attractive ) So I happily skipped down to ALDO and found these babies.
They're called the Trigueiro. I like that they were simple yet had a little bit of an edge with the metallic grommets. They're lined with suede I love them and wore them pratically everyday over break. Plus they were on sale half of from $90. I had the bargain fashion gods looking down on me that day. They come in camel and black. You can get them here.

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Jade "Purple" Brown said...

those boots are so cute! i normally go for ankle boots but theese actually work!