Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ditch being chilly for Milly

Even though it is the middle of February I am already day dreaming about Spring and how much more fun warm looks can be (I'm a Florida girl I can't help it) If I wasn't excited enough about spending my Spring Break in beautiful Palm
 Beach, I am more excited to be somewhere I can actually buy Milly! Especially after seeing how amazing the looks from the 
Spring 2009 collection are!
Milly was created in 2000 by Michelle Smith. Milly combines beautiful, free flowing, eye popping fabrics to create a flattering silhouette and unique look. Michelle was ambitious after finishing at FIT she nailed a dream internship at Hermes in Paris she went on to intern with Louis Vuitton, Torrente, and Christian
 Dior Haute Couture. Not a bad resume!

I started noticing Milly's amazing pieces when
 I worked the style closet at E! I wanted all of the long maxi dresses the cast was taking with them for our Vegas show. After spending time in Palm Beach where it looks like Lilly and Milly threw up everywhere I had officially become obsessed!

The Spring collection was Hippie/Moroccan chic. I love the color palette of  mauve pinks,oranges, browns, dark sages, mustard, and lilacs. I love the Boho dresses, professional looks with fun beaded cardigans and knee length skirts, funky belts and caftans, and cute suits. I loved the styling of the models with the chunky platforms, beanies, and of course over sized bronze sunglasses. My favorite look hands down was the Watercolor dress. I love the colors and beading surrounding the neck. Hopefully my dream of working Fashion PR in beautiful Palm Beach will come true and I will wear Milly to work on a daily basis!


I have been obessed with these printed tees I got from Forever21 this summer. They are my go to graphic tops when I am in a crisis dont know what to wear and have 20 minutes before class or a meeting.  They are sheer and soft and noticed this print catching on everywhere and sadly just recently discovered the
 print style is 

  It is designed to look like you've washed the shirt about 57 times in a row to make it comfy. The shirts are striated and pulled to create a sheer look to the light fabric. The tees look very vintage and hippie chic (see Nicole above). They don't just have to complement a hippie look either...I wore my white one with a pair of blue wide leg trouser pants and leopard print flats to work. Effortless and fashionable.

It seems that Fluxus' burn out tee is a favorite amongst the celebs and starlets of Hollywood. Don't want to pay the $63 price tag to look like Nicole? Try of Forever21 or Urban Outfitters! Add this to your style for class tips below.


Sunday, February 1, 2009


So I have had a little lack in the inspiration area for my blog as well as school and internship applying ruling my life but I have to write about what my fellow gal peers are prancing to class in. Being in Alabama the weather changes literally hour by hour in the morning it can be 38 degrees then by noon itll be 70. So the trend I've been seeing lately is this ensemble composed of long leggings usually cutting off at the ankle, Nike's Dri-FIT Running shorts, a baggy tee, and either running shoes or UGGS to top off the outfit. Now I am all about being comfortable in class but there is no excuse for looking so confused. Are you going running after class? If its freezing outside why don't you just wear pants? Its not like you are going to go to the bathroom and take off the leggings and carry them around in your bag and just sport your Dri-FIT training shorts? I have gotten numerous males asking me "Why do girls on campus wear trashbag shorts over pants?" I know that having an 8am you dont want to go to class in a cocktail dress I get it-but there are so many other comfortable and still stylish options for you ladies baring the pain of the cold and an early morning class. 

I approve of shorts
over STOCKINGS. And the style of short needs to be outside of the active wear genre. There are plenty of comfortable, affordable, and stylish shorts that can be paired over a
 cute pair of tights. 
Such as these cuffed heringbone shorts at throw on a pair of cute black tights with Flat Leather Boots. Pair a Hanes feather weight white V-Neck and a Gray Cardigan? Comfortable, chic, and not pricey!

Another option if the thought of wearing stockings
still reigns uncomfortable for you try leggings! Get a cute pair of leggins, pair them with a long graphic tee, a sweater, boots! This is one of my favorite type of looks and its so effortless. It screams major comfort and fashionista! Not trash bag lady!

Ladies take note and keep your Dri-FIT training shorts in your gym bag!