Thursday, February 25, 2010

Steal My Style: Request

My lovely co-worker Danika requested this look out of Elle magazine for a Steal My Style. She wanted the look but not at the designer price.

I found this gold v-neck dress for $160 by Paul and Joe. The most expensive item yet she can wear this numerous ways with tights, over the knee boots, pumps in the summer time to dinner. I found similar chain linked bracelets she can buy two and get a similar stacked look to the magazine. The jersey boyfriend blazer is a complete steal and she would wear it ALL the time. I threw in the cream ankle boots on sale at Aldo for a bit of an edge and again they are an item she can wear year around all the time. She can score this look for a total of $283. Beats any designer price.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This caught my eye in my blog roll.

Obsession of the Week

I am loving these wedge wrap around shoe boots. I honestly don't know what to call them but the silhouette catches my eye and makes me giddy. Maybe because I'm short? The shoes tend to wrap the fabric around the wedge. I love it. For Spring we are seeing new heights literally sky high wedges and clogs. Still trying to find my perfect pair for Spring. Pair these with shorts & tights, flared denim trousers, mini dresses. Loving it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

September Issue

Ah! So excited the September Issue is coming out on DVD tomorrow. My unfashionable college town with one movie theatre didn't show it (gasp I know how rude and un-chic of them) and I'm going to pick it up tomorrow before work! Early birthday present to me, thanks Anna! A must have for ANYONE wanting to get involved in fashion.

Fashion Week Favorites

These are some of my favorite looks from NY Fashion Week. It was filled with fur, knits, knee highs, velvet, suede, platform booties, sweat suit like material, leg warmers, tassels, animal print, hats, boots! Ah just so much inspiration.

Love how Tory can mix classic and edgy structured and comfy. Perfect combination for me.

This girl wearing the short mini with leg warmers and a long fur coat is amazing. I would wear every single piece that came down this runway. The slouchy skirt with pockets-yes.

Finally of course DVF is my favorite. I am a huge fan of the styling of all of her shows. Love that there are multiple themes of girly, powerful, comfy, worldly, and chic. Love you Diane!

London Fashion Week is going on now! Great looks to come!

Outfit Breakdown

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Obsession of the Week

This week I am finding myself picking up everything and anything acid wash & lace. Hard and soft. Two totally different materials but I am loving them! Try putting them together for an edgy yet soft look.
Trends are making their way backward to the 80's. This obsession of the week is like a Madonna video circa 1986. Forever21 has an extensive collection of both trends for an affordable price point.

I'm still here!

Hey dolls. Happy Valentines Day! I hope you all had a great day filled with love with everyone special in your life! Sorry for the lack of posting. Between work and the boy coming in for the weekend busy busy busy!

A lot going on in the fashion world this week-Fashion Week in NY! So jealous of all the lucky ones who get to attend. But alot of designers have decided to stream their shows live to share all of the goodness with us! Check here for a list. Loving Alexander Wang-the sweat material, underwear, and leopard!
I just found out I'm going to New York for the end of the week with my parents as a bday present! I won't be seeing any fashion shows unfortunately but the street style in the city makes New York a fashion show everyday! I literally just want to shop! Topshop H&M all of the amazing stores!

via: FashionGoneRogue/

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kardashians Clothing Line

The first look at the Kardashian's collaborations with Bebe for their clothing line has hit the web. I like the pieces that are available for purchase as of now. The black dress is my favorite.

The silky romper is a close second. It is very Kardashian-style inspired. What do you guys think? Yummy or just another "celeb" trying to slap their name inside some clothes? Get it here.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Obsession of the Week

Tuesday: Time for obsession of the week. This week I find myself being drawn to cropped tops. Purchased a vintage inspired one from Forever 21 the other day and have been quite obsessed ever since. Pair them with boyfriend jeans, leggings, denim shorts over tights. Be careful dolls, I am not promoting sporting belly baring midriffs Britney circa 1999--these little numbers should skim right above the top of your pants. Don't like the thought of a little tummy showing? Wear a tight cami underneath. You could even make your own go to a thrift store and bust out some scissors! Topshop has quite the collection. I know more will be appearing in my closet soon enough. So 80's throwback love it!

Steal My Style

MK Olsen leaving Good Morning America.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Would She Wear...

I made this polyvore for my favorite Kim Kardashian. Today is her man Reggie's big day down in Miami and I know she will support him in style. I picked out some black leather like leggings, a sheer pocket tank, and a gold blazer to match her man in black and gold. Louboutin booties are her signature and a bracelet with fleur-de-lis design. She's a fan of Alexander Wang so the coco duffel was a must. GO SAINTS!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cross Walk

Check this off of my Spring must have list. It was love at first sight. This retro inspired Tiffany blue ostrich faux leather cross body bag. Forever21. Yes, you read right, Forever 21: $17.80. My inner circle of fashionistas have already gone and purchased their own. Run-don't walk.

Spring Must Haves

It is only February but Spring is all around! Here are some of my must haves for the upcoming season.
1. different take on the sky high wedge
2. lace and underwear inspired
3. acid wash anything
4. pastel funky cross body bags
5. floral duh
6.stripes another duh
7. neutrals
8. suede neutral ankle boot

My Fashion Library

Hey dolls-sorry for lack of posting this week. It has been quite a week-but I'm back for a fashion library update. This month I am looking to add two books to my fashion library: Lauren Conrad's Sweet Little Lies and Kelly Cutrone's If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You.

Lauren's book is the follow up to her first book(a New York Times best seller) L.A. Candy, "loosely" based on her real life. It petty much is her real life. Jane (aka Lauren) is the star of her own hit reality show L.A. Candy (aka The Hills) and everything is dandy until racey photos (aka sextape rumors) hit the tabloids. The book reveals all the sweet little lies people in LA turn to tell. Sounds like cheesy goodness. It is sure to be guilty pleasure just like L.C. herself. Get it here.

Now onto real important lessons to be learned from PR queen Kelly Cutrone. (PS-What did you guys think about her show? I was hooked within the first three minutes) In her book Kelly shares personal stories and tips of how to make it in the fiercely competitive fashion industry without selling out who your truly are. She sticks to her tribe or pack metaphor (mama wolf...ect) and wants every girl to stop looking for the perfect life and truly start living for what they want. Either way, scary wolf or not she always delivers the truth. This is a must have in my opinion. Get it here.

photo credits: Fashion Gone Rogue/Amazon

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obsession of the Week

My obsession of the week this week is the fashion social networking site! I could spend hours on this site. You upload pics of your outfits-tag them and it creates a mini outfit breakdown blog! You can follow other stylistas. Every month based on your chic points (from commenting on others outfits and being rated yourself) and fans you could become Style Icon of the month!
All of your favorite Chictopian's pop up on your daily reads with the
most recent outfits! My favorite Chictopian is Tala Elle Samman. I love her outfits and her stylel! She has her own blog Check it out and upload some outfits!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tune In

Hey dolls-don't forget the fashion PR force-to-be-reckoned-with Kelly Cutrone makes her debut on Bravo tonight with her new series, Kell On Earth at 10/9c. Get ready to see Kelly juggle 10 designers, her new assistant, and the rest of the People's Revolution crew. To read up on Kelly check out Bravo's site.

Steal My Style

Kristin Cavallari in a simple go to outfit for coffee. One of my favorites-tee tucked into denim trousers with sky high wedges and a scarf to dress it up. An easy steal dolls.