Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is White the New Black?

The go-to Style site, did a post a while back on white being the new neutral. I have always loved white, and hated feeling restricted to only summer time and after labor day. I think white more than ever is always appropriate (unless we’re discussing anything white and linen…not ok to wear say in your Christmas photo) Do you all agree? Here are some of the way Refinery29 broke down how to incorporate white into your wardrobe to remain on trend and timeless this Spring:

Trench Coat

Throwing my “two cents” in, I also think that one should also pick up some white denim. Make sure they’re not too tight nothing white should be too tight. Also to keep your white crisp and clean--dry clean only dolls.

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Fashionated said...

white is SO the new black. glad you added the denim...i could not live without my white jeans: bootcut, straight leg, cuffed capris. i love it ALL!!