Monday, April 26, 2010

On My Radar

You know how you mentally make lists in your head? Things you need at the grocery, a to-do list, songs to download, ect? Well I make a list for pieces I would love to add in my closet...I'm sure none of you are surprised.

I am the type of shopper who can't just buy impulsively (I know it is a very good thing) but it makes shopping hard for me sometimes. I am always on a mission for a very specific thing and if I find something similar but doesn't suit my need entirely I won't get it no matter how much of a bargain (and sometimes you just want to buy something!). So I have my mental lists to check off. These are the wardrobe pieces currently on my radar...
1. Cargos: I am loving the utility movement. I like that they are marking cargos that flatter a woman's body and create a flattering silhouette and not look like a construction worker. These can go day to night.

2. Jumpsuits: Throwback to the 70's. Not everyone can pull this look off but with the right sandals or wedges and accessories this could be a gem in your summertime wardrobe.

3. Ikat: I think I will be obsessed with ikat print until the end of time. Enough said.

4. Maxis: They make me look inches taller. Love the ease and instant bohemian chic look.

5. Denim vests: I am on the hunt for the perfect light denim vest to throw over florals and girlie silhouettes.

6. Black wedge: I need a black wedge for the warm months that can stay around for tights in the fall.

What are trends or pieces are on your radar at the moment?


Ebb said...|4376=&image=W02276G87T0-JBLK

Guess who's working at GUESS? till they go to Africa... ;-)


ps...after a weekend of seeing these go in and out of the dressing room, i must say, they look really good on...

MollDoll said...

very cute! like the gray one!