Monday, January 4, 2010

Obsession of the Week

I believe that to have style one should constantly be evolving and not just fit into one style niche. Fashion right now is such a huge industry with so many different talents and aesthetics which we should all take advantage of and dig our hands into all of it. One should have multiple different muses where they get their inspiration from. This leads me to my obsession of the week:
Kat Von D is the leading lady of her own tattoo shop LA Ink which also happens to be a TLC show that I have taken advantage over the break to become obsessed with. Although Kat's style is unconventional-I love it! She is true to who she is and dresses how she feels and I admire that.
Some of her favorite pieces to sport are leggings, destroyed flares, boots, long tee shirt dresses, sky high wedges, bikini tops, destroyed vintage tees. She always has a lightening bolt accessory and huge rocker shades on.

Kat's look is unconventional but I think she is an unconventional beauty. Get your Kat on with this ripped tee shirt dress decorated with a skeleton, some wooden wedges, a black Octopus cocktail ring, and a sunflower clip in your hair. Or some ripped dirty denim flares, a black skull bathing suit top, and a leather sparkly vest. Either way, Kat is someone we can all take a little piece of her style to really edge up and personalize our look.
Rock on!


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Southern Belle Fashionista said...

How edgy!!!!! Love it!!! I can't do edgy! Ha!! My face & voice screams sweet & innocent!!!! Lol!