Saturday, January 23, 2010

Closet & Styling Basics

A lot of people that I help put their clothes together or shop for I have noticed feel like they need a lot of pieces to have a fantastically stylish wardrobe that works. On the contrary, if you have a few neutral key pieces you can work these pieces in numerous ways to convey the image that you do have tons hanging in your closet! So I put together some polyvores to demonstrate that quantity doesn't necessarily mean quality.

So what we have here is:
1. a pair of jeans/jean leggings
2. a basic long tank
3. tights
4. a white v-neck
5. a neutral colored scarf
6. a jersey mini dress
7. a vest
8. a neutral cardigan
9. a pair of trouser style shorts
10. a casual shoe
11. an edgier dressy shoe option
12. a neutral bag that can have a removable strap

Starting with the dress. When its cold out or you don't want to show your legs wear the tights. Walking a lot? Wear the flat boot. Want to spruce it up? Wear the scarf. Want an edgier look? Throw on a studded vest. Going on a date? Wear the heels with the cardigan. Already 3+ different outfits here.

A white v neck (or a few) is a basic staple that every gal should have. If all else fails you can wear it with leggings, a great necklace, and some boots! Starting with the white v-neck you can wear the scarf with or without the vest or cardy. Or if you're feeling really cool wear the cardy buttoned up over the tee with the vest on top of the cardy. Wear it tucked into denim or shorts. Wear tights with the shorts. Choose a shoe option based on your mood and occasion. 10+ outfits already here!
Swap out your v-neck for a basic long tank. Pair it with the vest plus your two options of bottoms. Throw the scarf on with the vest or just with the tank pair it with your two bottom options. Swap out the vest for the cardy or wear both. Choose your shoe based on your mood and occasion. Wear the shorts with tights to change it up. 8+ outfits here.

We have 20+ outfits here dolls! Don't think that if your wardrobe isn't overflowing that you can't be stylish! Work with what you have! If you start with basics and learn how to mix and match your options, the style opportunities are endless. Once you have some neutral staples in your wardrobe you can then can go out and purchase unique pieces to spice these staples up.

Happy dressing! XO


Southern Belle Fashionista said...

Love the dress outfits!! Miss you!

Morgan said...

these pieces sum up my essentials i love them all and want them all! love the cream scarf, id wear these outfits everyday.