Monday, January 11, 2010

Style Goddess

So I was perusing my list of blogs to read the other day and DulceCandy87 did a post on Russian It-Girl Marislova Duma. How did I not come across this style goddess before? She is this month's inspiration board and pretty much my new style icon. She has the style aesthetic that I love classic and edgy. One day she is a preppy princess the next she's a hipster. Not only is her clothing and style amazing-the girl is beautiful! There isn't a lot of accurate information on her or what she does but I did find out that she is a writer for Russian Harper's Bazaar. Wow can her life get any better? This is who I am looking to for my outfit inspiration. Enjoy!
via: Google images

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Morgan said...

Your fireworks skills are getting very good!!! Miss and love you!!