Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fashion Challenge

This weekend I personal shopped for and styled my boyfriend's older sister Nikki. She just got a new job and it is important that she dress to impress, especially since she is a female on a pretty male dominant office/team. Nikki's style/look had different angles as she loves classic with an edge and is a bit of a hipster. We were on a budget so I hit up Zara where a major work wear sale was going on, Express, and Forever 21 for quick basics. I wanted to get her some classic and stand out pieces she could build onto later. Here is what I found for her.
I loved all the tops we found for her. She loves classic button downs. This pinstripe button down in a classic blue stripe was perfect for her and would go with pretty much anything! I also picked out some sheer/flowy button down shirts in a blush and light gray that look great with her coloring and are neutrals that can go with numerous pieces.
She also wanted some great vests-the black classic one was such great piece! It was very flattering and can go with anything! She wanted a fur vest but a light version for Palm Beach. Also she loves leather, so this beige leather vest was a must-I thought it was beautiful with the blush color. The oversized dark red knit cardy is so comfy! I got one for myself as well!
To go with the tops she needed a few jackets. She needed a new black blazer that wasn't super fitted and that would be timeless. Zara is the perfect place for such a piece, paying a decent price for quality. I found this AMAZING jacket, its tweed with bits of leather at the top--very Nikki-on sale for 60 bucks! Everyone in the store was so upset we got the last one! It looks amazing on. Lastly she loved this leopard vintage like jacket. She is going to Italy on a trip for her new job and will look cozy chic in leopard (it was on sale too-60 bucks!)
Lastly bottoms-she wanted to start out with at least two pair of black pants because she had none! We got a peg leg pair from Zara that looked super chic with pumps. We also got this paper bag waist/harem like pair at Forever. Made her waist look teeeeeeeny! She wanted some work appropriate shorts-we picked out a longer length black (the same ones I have one sale 19 bucks!) and gray. She loved these grandpa herringbone pants from Forever, and again they made her waist look great. (The body form would not do the pants just right, so I apologize for the pictures on the bed-I promise the bottoms are cute!)

I didn't get a chance to snap a pic of the three pairs of shoes I picked out for her. She needed a gray ankle boot to switch into when her heels are killing her. A bone colored leather pair of pumps, and an AMAZING pair of black leather boots on sale from 200 to 80! I want to go back and get them for myself.

So far mission accomplished!I hope Nikki enjoys her work wear and feels like she can showcase her personality while still being all about business!

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Anonymous said...

Well done you... Looks like you managed to pick up some really classic pieces! I hope nikki looks beautiful! If you like fashion challenges I'm running my own little one over at my own place to do a monochrome outfitt! Please have a look!
I will draw watercolors for the winners!!
Tomorrow x