Friday, October 16, 2009

Styling a Sister

I was really flattered/excited when a younger sorority sister of mine asked me to style her for their upcoming formal! She already had her dress picked out so we went from there. It was a
long black gown with a ruffled bust and sleeveless. Once I saw the dress we went from there.

Hair: I decided for her hair since the dress has this open back she should do a messy bun on the side. I knew she'd be dancing and having fun, the last thing she'd want to do is fuss with a long flow of curls on her back. I really liked this style of Kim Kardashian's and they have similar hair textures so I knew it'd be perfect for her.

Jewelry: When it came to jewelry I couldn't decide if I wanted her to stick to dark like onyx and silver or gold. It came down to the gold because it looked great on her skin tone. We picked this gold vintage looking flower cocktail ring with a black stone in the middle which was the best of both worlds.

We had a choice between long strands of gold and diamond earrings or these chandelier like earrings. I felt like this pair went better with the over all look we had going. These also were younger and more fun looking.

Shoes: Again, we didn't know at first if we'd be going with silver and black or gold tones. Once we decided on the gold Michelle had the perfect shoes, these gold platform BCBG wrap shoes. You can't see her shoes but when she's walking and if you got a peep of them I wanted them to look good. The platform will give her some support while dancing.

Bag: The bag was a no brainer. She had this subdued gold mini clutch. I liked that the gold wasn't in your face and went with
the subdued gold feel we were going for.

Make up: I also got to do Michelle's make up which was really fun! I used a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, black MAC Kohl eyeliner, and Lancome mascara on her eyes. I also took a big brush to the shimmer brick and applied it on the apples of her cheeks.

She looks like a goddess and I had so much fun working with her! Hopefully this will be the start of my freelance styling! Thank you so much Michelle.

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