Friday, October 31, 2008

Yes for Jess!

Many people have their opinions about Jessica Simpson...her dating disasters, creepy Dad, or divorce talk. I'll give one thing to the girl--I love her shoes. Since my boyfriend's dog recently destroyed two pairs of my brown pumps, my boyfriend graciously offered to buy me any pair of brown pumps I wanted! What more could a gal ask for? I have a pair of her patent black leather pumps with the tortoise shell heel, back a few collections ago--still have them and they're not only comfortable, they look brand new! So of course I turned to her to help me find the perfect brown pump that could go with anything like my black ones. When I saw the cognac Crocodile Parigi pump on display, I knew I had to have it. I ripped my Ugg boots off my feet and stomped around the shoe department in my sweats like a little Heidi Klum in heaven! They made my legs look longer (which wins me over every time being 5'2) and sexy! I loved the closed toe platform look. I looked like Victoria Beckham except the graduate school student version. Her shoes are gorgeous and expensive looking yet affordable considering how durable they are. I ran home and cleaned my house in them I adored them so much. For those of you who prefer more of a kitten heel, Jessica provides you with Siegel in suede options, Manning Mary Jane pump in patent leather options, and a Nesco a wedge option. In her Fall '08 collection she has included a variety of takes on the boot including tall, short, and booties. She has leather and suede booties in a variety of colors and fun buckles. Her take on tall boots are
tremely chic. My favorite being a patchwork leather pair that remind me a little bit of Chanel. I enjoy mid calf boots and would love to get my hand on these nude Salderos which again is the closed toe platform with rouched leather. She has a variety of boots for all gals. "Yes to Jess!" with her amazing shoes in a variety of styles and colors. They also provide amazing durability and keep money in our pockets with great prices, allowing us to look and feel like a million bucks!



Anonymous said...

hehehe i love you. and i want those croc pumps. make your foot grow bigger so i can prance in them too.

DesignerDiva said...

gahhhh I love her shoes. They are so sex kitten and affordable.