Sunday, October 19, 2008

LA fashion week.

After trucking through my first research paper of graduate school I can finally write about what I want to write about--LA Fashion Week. Now after spending a summer in Los Angeles I love it's take on fashion its very eclectic and I love how everyone there takes risks with their fashion choices and literally wear what they're feeling. What I had been reading up on regarding Fashion Week was all the celebrity lines. I think LA+Celeb Designer Trying Really Hard=Lauren Conrad. I don't know what it is call me crazy but I've never been a fan of her jersey maxi dresses and halters ranging from a bland color palette of blues and whites. They seem like something that would be in GAP or some local boutique in the small college town I'm in. However I did enjoy her mini cocktail dresses in the nude floral print breaking up the blues and whites! She should have ran with it! I felt like Whitley Kro's collection hit the nail on the head a little more when I think of Los Angeles style I enjoyed how casual yet stylish it was at the same time and the collection reminded me of the perfect outfit for class (if you could afford runway collections) if you wanted to be comfortable and still trendy which is something I always struggle with (especially going to school in the South!) I enjoyed the white trapeze dress with the funky jungle print paired with the baby blue Birkenstocks.  I liked the long boyish sorbet striped tanks paired with a long scarf it looked so comfy chic. But lets talk about someone who is as good to look at as his jeans...Mr. Justin Timberlake. Now I may be a little biased since I've been planning my wedding day with him since I was in middle school but I love this man's jeans! I will just try them on just to make myself feel better because they make your legs look pin thin and your rear look amazing! The man knows how to dress a woman! I would wear all that came down that run way but I enjoyed his take on wo-MEN'S wear this cute little cropped baby yellow cardigan with the chic white top with the smallest bow tie ribbon detail just enough men's wear touch for me. I liked how it was cohesive yet everything was different it wasn't just blue and white and black maxi dresses marching down the runway. Also the accessories added a little bit of a rocker edge. Nicely done as always J-Tim. However everyone is buzzing about Crispin and Basillo's Spring 2009 collection. Again loved someone that's going to pair amazing colors like navy sherbet golds and whites together. Everything was sheer and flowey everything a spring collection should be! I enjoyed how there were long sheer vests thrown over fabulous dresses that popped just to give them some edge go from day to night. This look was my favorite I loved how the colors worked together the crisp white and blue brought out by the gold flecked skirt...I would throw this on and wear it to work now!

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