Wednesday, October 15, 2008


During one of my weekly trips to Walgreens...I was browsing the magazine section (since I collect fashion magazines like it's my job) and couldn't help grab the new
Teen Vogue with one of my fashionista idols Rachel Bilson gracing the cover. Finally her fall line for DKNY is out and she's talking about it! Anyone who follows fashion knows that the pint sized actress has been noted in the weeklies for her eye for fashion and throwing great pieces together as if effortlessly. Well DKNY has called upon her and her great sense of style to create an affordable line for us Bilson-followers! The collection is about 15 pieces including takes on mens wear, cute dresses, tops, jackets, and two different styles of denim. Unlike some stars who just simply slap their name on a fashion line they are semi-creatively involved in Rachel talks about how she wanted her dabble into designing to be seperate from her career as an actress, seeing as the label itself is named after her grandmother and a close friend of the family's. So run to your nearest Macys, Lord& Taylor, or Nordstrom and pick up an Edie Rose dress, throw on a scarf, and a pair of fabulous high heel booties in true Bilson style.

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MG said...

Moll, good job!! The article was great and very interesting! So proud of you!