Wednesday, October 22, 2008

can i please be Whitney Port?

So I can't stop thinking about Whitney Port since the Hills on Monday---take that back since Sunday when I shrilled with excitement during my boyfriend and I's weekly view of Entourage Sunday night! She made a guest appearance yeay! She's made it! But I feel like she had made it way before prancing around with the boys of Entourage--no offense Vincent Chase...Whitney has her own fashion line Eve&A ! (Love that she didn't slap her name on the label) I love it because of the color palette focuses on grays, blacks, and purples which I wear just about everyday. The collection consists of 20 pieces ranging from 50$ to $220. She parallels her own life as her pieces can go from leaving work at DVF to running to meet her new fab NY friends for a cocktail. The fact that this girl created a wool skirt with pins included to adjust from mini to above the knee is genius work appropriate then sex kitten appropriate. Continuing to amaze me...On The Hills Aftershow was a preview for Whitney's new show The City. It looked so exciting (check out the trailer here the camera crew follows her to her new pr job at DVF (amazing) having fun with her new cute roomate, and juggling men! What is a girl to do! I am so ready for a new show The Hills is just getting so old I wish Heidi and LC would just be friends again and Audrina would forget about JBobby but thats beside the point---Whitney is my favorite cast member and I am so glad the one whose a little more grounded and interesting has her own show and not Lo. So Whitney is pretty much my role model at 23 styling and working pr for DVF frolicking around NY looking fabulous with her own label on her back. Tune in Dec 29 for the debut of The City and you can catch Eve&A online and in the Los Angeles showroom Movement.


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