Monday, September 27, 2010

Lustin for fall

Not only have I been craving cooler weather, but I've also been craving these lovely numbers. Fall is the time to snuggle up, cover up, and layer up. We have a lot more clothing options than summer time when its dreadfully hot out. But don't worry some of your pieces from summer can work in the fall as well just paired with tights and some lovely layering.

1. I have a great pair of chunky platform sandals, these are more fall/winter appropriate. But will also work in the transition to spring time.
2. Leopard accents are a must. Leopard is going to be EVERYWHERE so make sure you snag up as much of it as possible. It is timeless in my eyes.
3. The lady like bag is is a must have, this is my take on it lady like with a bit of edge.
4. Boucle is always a fall and winter staple, update it with a boucle bomber.
4. Thigh highs will look great with any of these pieces, and once it gets cooler layer them on top of tights.
5. Feathers are one of many embellishments that are a must this season. Craving a feather skirt, cape, hat...anything.
6. I have been going on and on about the hiking boot, I love these paired with something elegant for a funky look.
7. Every store I go into I pick up a sweater dress that suits my fancy and carry it around the store with me. Can't make myself purchase it until a breeze of coolness blows my way.
8. It's no question to anyone that knows me, I'd wear fur in the dead of heat if I could. Faux of course! Throw it on everything this season!

9. Going with the military/structure look I am loving the boxy blouse. You know I can't turn down a blouse but this would be great with something lighter like the feather skirt.
10. The maxi skirt is catching my eye again and again, would look great with the chunky platforms and a cozy knit.
11. Shearling like fur needs to be everywhere.
12. Camel is a duh and thus a must have! It's the new black. Again will be great for transitioning into other seasons.
13. You know deep down inside I am a Navajo princess, chunky knits with a tribal inspired print is a definite.

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Southern Belle Fashionista said...

Loving the tribal sweaters again this season! I picked up one of Ralph Lauren's on major sale at end of last winter--can't wait to wear it shortly!

Loving the fur! You are such a little Rachel Zoe! Love it & you!

Let me know when you find the "perf" sweater dress, I am still on the hunt.

p.s. I am now so over the top obsessed with Breakfast at Tiffany's. How I went this long without watching it? I've got no idea! I must have been living under a rock.