Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Obsession of the Week

Tuesday: Time for obsession of the week. This week I find myself being drawn to cropped tops. Purchased a vintage inspired one from Forever 21 the other day and have been quite obsessed ever since. Pair them with boyfriend jeans, leggings, denim shorts over tights. Be careful dolls, I am not promoting sporting belly baring midriffs Britney circa 1999--these little numbers should skim right above the top of your pants. Don't like the thought of a little tummy showing? Wear a tight cami underneath. You could even make your own go to a thrift store and bust out some scissors! Topshop has quite the collection. I know more will be appearing in my closet soon enough. So 80's throwback love it!

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Fashion&Circus said...

Yes I'm equally obsessed- in Topshop everyday checking out what's new. They have some such goodness.
Having moved to a city for uni is not good for my bank balance!!