Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Obsession of the Week

So I go through phases with things in my closet. One week I'll be really into wearing shorts, or trophy jackets, this week I am finding myself hanging out in my dress section of my closet. I have seen this editorial "Babes in Arms" all over the place but I came across it first in my October issue of VOGUE and was very excited to start wearing dresses and tights.
Even though it was 75 yesterday I just love this look! Especially the sleeves. It is continuing with the theme of the angular shoulders drawing attention to the arms and minimizing the waist. Wearing long sleeved dresses with tights and open toe shoes is a look I am obsessed with this week! You can go from solids, metallics, or funky prints they are all great a look for anyone.

You can find long sleeved dresses just about anywhere, the three I have in my closet are from DVF, Mara Hoffman, and a local boutique. This rain we are having better bring the cold back so I can wear one this week! This is also a great look for Holiday parties. Any girl can find one suiting her budget but I think they are must for the fall/winter!

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