Sunday, November 22, 2009

Navajo Nymphs

On my radar this week has been navajo print chunky knits. I haven't tried any on but I've been seeing them as I do my daily grazing across fashion sites and shopping sites. They have a vintage feel and are a throw back to the 80s. They look really warm and there are cardigans, ponchos, and sweater vests! They all can be styled a number of different ways. Here is a variety of places and price points for these warm little numbers: / / / /

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Southern Belle Fashionista said...

Love them! I have been eyeing one from Ralph Lauren the past month & found it on sale Friday for 50%off!! Supe warm and cozy. It is similiar to the Urban one you showed, but in brown, coral, turquoise, and cream shades. A super thick sweater/cardigan with a rope belt! Love it!!!! Thining I may wear it Thanksgiving night!! Love you, Moll Doll!!