Thursday, November 12, 2009

Project Runway Three's a Crowd

Are you all excited for Project runway tonight? It is down to the final three and it is all
women! Irina Shabayeva, Althea Harper, and Carol Hanna Whitfield.

I am secretly rooting for Irina. I know she isn't everyones or anyones favorite because shes the "bitch" but I fell in love with her after the Newspaper and the Michael Kors challenge! Irina design aesthetic
appeals to me because she is always mentioning a high class young woman sipping champagne! Sounds right up my fashion alley! Plus I just adore her model Kayln. I think she absolutely beautiful and she is the
nicer one of the models. (I am so glad Katy left she was driving me nuts--get over the double sided tape!) For me Irina's collection would be something I would actually
buy, but I can see her 'tude making her seem like she may be difficult to work with in the future. But I can't help it I always love the sassy "bitchy" girls :)

My second pick would be Althea. I really liked
her dress she designed for
Christina Aguilera with the black fur cropped jacket. Although the judges didn't like her piece inspired by the Getty Museum I thought it was gorgeous and I love the silhouettes she creates with her designs. I feel like all women of different shapes and sizes could wear and enjoy her clothes. Her model Tanisha is FIERCE! She really knows how to work the catwalk and honestly Althea should be thanking her for making her clothes look impeccable and sexy!

As for Carol Hannah-she is hit or miss for me. She hasn't really made anything that has necessarily wowed me. I did like her Christina dress but I don't feel like she takes any chances or puts heavy thought and creativity into what she makes. I think she is the public's favorite though because of her cute personality.Who do you guys think is going to win? What do you think of the show being on Lifetime and located in LA? As much as LA
has a special place in my heart I feel the
the show belongs in NY and we need more Michael and Nina! Watch tonight on Lifetime @10pm/9pm central.

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morgan said...

althea def should of won she was my fav!