Friday, June 25, 2010

Tackle The Trend

Cargo's are definitely one of this season's most popular pant option. The starlets have been seen all over wearing the famous J. Brand Houlihan Cargo. I prefer this skinny style of the cargo, I have tried on some baggier versions and I just think it is a little too "construction worker" for me. If you're going to do the cargo look find a pair that is form fitting.
You can work this look a number of ways. You can go military-esque sticking to structured tops and a shoe boot option like Kim. You could also go edgy with a crop top and balance it out with a floral girlie print. You could go relaxed with flats like Gwen paired with a boyfriend top. Dress is up with a silky top and girlie pumps. Or try platforms with a boyfriend sweater like Jess. I like pairing the cargo with girlie options to balance out the structured look of the pant. Mauves, pinks, nudes, and blush tones are my favorite to pair with a military green.
Don't have $200 to shell out for something as trendy as cargos? Try more frugal options such as Nordstrom's Sanctuary People Pant for $98 or Shopbop's Blank Cargo for $78.


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