Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Ensemble Break Down

So the Oscar red carpet last night was filled with ups and downs. I have to admit I was expecting to be blown away but my best dressed list was pretty easy.

Hands down I thought Zoe Saldana was best dressed in Givenchy. From the minute I saw her get out of her limo I couldn't take my eyes off the dress. I know a lot of people didn't understand her dress but THIS is how you dress for the Oscars. Her movie was nominated, she's young this is how you're supposed to dress. Her outfit pushed the limit but not to far and it the colors looked amazing on her.

Coming a close second to Zoe I thought Meryl Streep was breath taking. She was dressed age appropriate and looked like a Hollywood goddess in Chris March (Project Runway Alum!). Also loving Carey Mulligan. It is not easy to pull off pleats and jewels, created a nice silhouette for her. Rachel McAdams' dress is absolutely beautiful and not too over the top. Penelope is always a gem in my eyes, her earrings gave this outfit the little touch of glam it needed.

Now for my least favorites.
Ok honestly, I have a bone to pick with Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo aka Jenny from the Block whatever it is she is calling herself these days. I am so sick of her face popping up everywhere like a desperate Debbie at all media events. Honey face it you're done. This dress while hitting the voluminous trend looks like it is made out of bubble wrap and looks like a Barbie tent.
I am upset with these ladies who aren't NOMINATED wearing these over the top dresses...(ahem Miley Cyrus). Even if you're presenting I don't think its appropriate to be over the top. If you're not nominated or your movie isn't then you don't get the option of wearing an "extravagant look at me" dress.
As for SJP loving the hair not loving the Chanel and same goes for Diane Kruger. Sorry Karl.

My favorite look of the night was Nicole Richie. I am loving the hair, the make up, the dress, the back. If I was going to the Oscars this is what I would wear. Loving it!

What were your Oscar hits and misses?

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Southern Belle Fashionista said...

Fashionable minds think alike! I agree w/ all your choices! Yay, for Meryl--Oscar Goddess!! LOVED Zoe's dress! Sexy, feminine, trendy, and young!!

You would so wear NR's dress! So your style!!