Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Done Right

This post was inspired by a true horrendous outfit sighting. I was stuck in the airport and saw a girl wearing the above. No joke. Homemade Spring Break tackiness. This is not ok.
I understand the excitement of going away for break but:
1. It isn't ok to advertise where you're going too many crazies out there
2. I am all about DIY but maybe a DIY Chloe shirt, last time I checked neither of these pieces were on the runway
3. You should dress for your best self no matter where you go.

So I put together some alternatives for you. For the travel I understand you want to be comfortable, ok so throw on some denim shorts, a nice light blouse, and some wedges. For the beach wear your suit and some bangles to dress it up. Going to dinner and drinks afterward? Throw on a bright caftan and your wedges and you're set. Come on ladies! Dress for your best self no matter where you are heading.

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Ebb said...

i wish you had twitpic-ed this unfortunate hot mess of a girl you crossed paths with in atl. :-(