Sunday, August 16, 2009

silhouettes & studs

Sorry it has been a minute since I've gotten to write down all my fashion thoughts. Here are the most recent on my mind: silhouettes and studs. It is a transition stage right now as we are still in the hot hot heat of summer yet fall trends are already on my mind and these two I feel like you can definitely sport now but will be able to incorporate into your fresh fall wardrobe
I don't feel like studs are anything new but lately I have been seeing them all over, making their presence known more than before. Studs, grommets, metallic beading you name it. And you can find them on anything-short and jean pockets, purses, vests,belts, gloves, and shoes! I think you can pair these metallic little gems with neutral, structured, or feminine pieces to give yourself a little bit of an edge.

I have been seeing some designs that create some stunning silhouettes. I like these pencil skirts, minis, and dresses with the ruffle panel on the sides or all around the front. I think that this accentuates the waist and adds a flirty twist to your outfit.  I like it on neutral pieces and think they can be pulled off in a pattern but make sure that the top is neutral or accessories minimal. The off the shoulder is nothing new but being paired with draping and out there prints creates a slimming and sexy silhouette and ads something funky to the outfit. Paired with sky high heels and confidence to boot this trend is definately a must. And come fall pair when there is one shoulder with a long sleeve style and the ruffle skirts with tights and knee high boots you're set ladies.

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