Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lawful Lady

So my best friend, college-soul mate, Stevie just started law school last week. I decided to gather together some possible looks for her to impress her professors and fellow school mates. Stevie isn't one to sport a lot of color so I kept to neutrals but stuck in some red and navy just to give her some color. Right now pants are taking on new hems and styles. My favorite pant trend is the shorter hem on skinnies. They aren't exactly cropped but they come right above the ankle. I think they are very chic and a piece that you could dress down or up and go day to night. So I included a pair of black shorter hem skinnies that could serve as a staple in her wardrobe. I love billowy blouses with bow and ruffle embellishments-as long as there isn't too much embellishment going on I don't want her to look like a big poof. I included a shirt that had angular shoulders and ruffles to add some playfulness to the structured shirt. Another one of my favorite looks for class or work is the wide leg denim trouser with a cropped or shorter blazer. I feel like this look creates amazing lines for a slimming and chic silhouette. Michael Kors watches are amazing, I love the big faces-that way she'll be on time for class! Stevie loves Hello Kitty so I gave her some subtle studs and of course a Birkin (my latest obsession) and Starbucks to accessorize!Knock em dead 


MG said...

MollDoll, Good JOB!!

I am sure Stevie loved your ideas! She would look great in all of your suggestions and will be the best dressed law student in school!


morgan said...

how do you make those picture things with all the clothes? they look so good! miss you!