Saturday, March 7, 2009

NY Fall Fashion Week 2009 Favorites

Since I have yet to reach the fabulousity level to allow me to attend NY Fashion Week or any fashion week for that matter I will had to live it through my go to fashion blogs and televesion. I am sure that every designer showcasing had incredbile pieces to show us for the 
fall but I decided to review some of my favorites. 

Tibi is known for her playful and bright prints so it
 was interesting to see the take on fall. I love we no longer have to give in to subdued fall colors of black and gray. Bring on the color! I like how Tibi dipped into gold, blue hues, and pinks. 
The play on peacock feathers was eyecatching as well. I love the off the shoulder tunics and the silhouettes created were flattering.

I want to talk about DVF not only because I am a Citystalker but because I think her clothes make any woman feel womanly and chic. All the cool head pieces and crazy stockings accompanying the models were very neat. Diane is always layering and here she shows that you can layer in winter and still have a silhouette while keeping warm.

Changing it up a bit Erin Fetherston's gothic like ice princess pieces caught my eye. I like how she played up mens wear meets snow queen. The detailed geometric patterns and shapes were different and played well together.

I think that Preen's looks were my favorite. They were wintery yet still bright. Pinks, blues, purples, corals, color was everywhere yet in a wintery style. I enjoyed their take on coats and this micro nude mini with this powerful fur coat was fabulous. Preen is edgy and fun yet still makes you feel like you could throw it on and feel warm on a winter day.


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