Sunday, February 1, 2009


So I have had a little lack in the inspiration area for my blog as well as school and internship applying ruling my life but I have to write about what my fellow gal peers are prancing to class in. Being in Alabama the weather changes literally hour by hour in the morning it can be 38 degrees then by noon itll be 70. So the trend I've been seeing lately is this ensemble composed of long leggings usually cutting off at the ankle, Nike's Dri-FIT Running shorts, a baggy tee, and either running shoes or UGGS to top off the outfit. Now I am all about being comfortable in class but there is no excuse for looking so confused. Are you going running after class? If its freezing outside why don't you just wear pants? Its not like you are going to go to the bathroom and take off the leggings and carry them around in your bag and just sport your Dri-FIT training shorts? I have gotten numerous males asking me "Why do girls on campus wear trashbag shorts over pants?" I know that having an 8am you dont want to go to class in a cocktail dress I get it-but there are so many other comfortable and still stylish options for you ladies baring the pain of the cold and an early morning class. 

I approve of shorts
over STOCKINGS. And the style of short needs to be outside of the active wear genre. There are plenty of comfortable, affordable, and stylish shorts that can be paired over a
 cute pair of tights. 
Such as these cuffed heringbone shorts at throw on a pair of cute black tights with Flat Leather Boots. Pair a Hanes feather weight white V-Neck and a Gray Cardigan? Comfortable, chic, and not pricey!

Another option if the thought of wearing stockings
still reigns uncomfortable for you try leggings! Get a cute pair of leggins, pair them with a long graphic tee, a sweater, boots! This is one of my favorite type of looks and its so effortless. It screams major comfort and fashionista! Not trash bag lady!

Ladies take note and keep your Dri-FIT training shorts in your gym bag!


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