Monday, December 27, 2010

London Trend Take Home Bag

I have been dying to tell you guys about the AH-MAZING fashion I saw in London. When I'm there I just want to take pictures of the girls (and guys) on the street-they really have their street fashion DOWN. People there are so free with the way they dress, sticking to their own unique style despite trends which I think is what makes it that "cool" the city is known for. Here are some of the trends I took home with me.

1. "the boyfriend boot"-I don't know what it is about this boot but EVERY girl had them on. They seem so masculine so you have to find the one that suits you ( I have a tiny foot so I wasn't trying to over power it with crazy buckles and studs). These were paired with leggings, tights, knee highs, over-the-knees, skinny jeans, shorts with such ease and confidence. Some girls even wear them unzipped to up the "I don't care" factor.

2. Navajo Cape/Sweater/Anything-We all know I'm already a sucker for Indian Princess themed fashion-this print was everywhere on anything.

3. The Stevie Knicks Hat-London is going through a Stevie Knicks phase, well I think most of fashion is but America hasn't fully embraced it. Dying for one of these--again my "small-ness" has me still looking for the perfect one that doesn't hide my face and in black.

4. Bags with any buckle-Since the Mulberry "Alexa" bags with buckles have become a staple.

5. Over-the-Knee socks-We all know how I felt about these before London now I'm even more CRAZY about them. Such an effortless way to be sexy

6. Cardigan- These updated version of the cardigan is a mix with a blazer. They had them in all prints, beads, embroidery. I see them coming over here in full force in the Spring.

7. Cozy Marbled Shirt-I found these in Topshop they were very T by Alexander Wang-ish so comfy and soft I bought them in 6 different colors and have been living in them.

8. Hats-Hats were huge since its FREEZING, hats with fur and little ears were a favorite.

9. "Snoods" aka Eternity Scarves-These were everywhere in every fabric. My sis's favorite-I got one in pink knit.

10. Capes-Capes were a great alternative and more flattering silhouette when it comes to outerwear. Wish I would have picked one up instead of being so focused on a fur jacket (which by the way I didn't even find THE ONE)

Love love London for the fashion, and appreciation of one's own unique style. America needs to adapt that as well as all of these trends ASAP.


Paris in Pink said...

Great list baby doll! Post some pics of your new London ensembles :)

MollDoll said...

Totally will! So jeal of your ensembles...