Saturday, November 13, 2010

What to Wear: Auburn vs. UGA

Every Saturday the stakes get higher ladies, and today is no different. Time to step up our game in both football and attire.

It is going to be a bit chilly so keep warm in a soft sweater you can roll the sleeves up if you get warm with some spirited blue suede shorts. Keep your legs warm and trendy with these cute gray thigh high socks complete with animal print flats since you'll be jumping up and down in the stadium during this game, heels aren't an option for this match up. Your perfect orange scarf that has brought you luck all season is a must, along with a horseshoe necklace for a little extra luck! A chocolate brown polish is great for winter and neutral (no grays, reds, or blacks please). It is a day game so a great pair of sunnies to shade your face and your dirty looks to those loud UGA fans barking in your face.

My drink of choice this week? A salty dog. Appropriate for how those dawgs are going to feel today :)

Stay classy ladies and WAR DAMN CAM.


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